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Business and Corporate

If you are thinking of starting a business or expanding an existing company, SCHILLBERG LAW, LLC can help.  We offer a range of services, from the formation and dissolution of corporations, partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Not-For-Profits/501(c)(3)’s, and other business entities, to more complicated transactions, litigation, collections, franchising and corporate legal advice.

In addition, we have conducted intensive reviews of corporate documents such as By-Laws, Operating Agreements, etc. to ensure the Company’s compliance with its own rules and regulations, as well as State and Federal Laws. SCHILLBERG LAW has also offered legal advice to businesses, boards, board committees, special committees and general counsel relating to compliance with corporate operating guidelines to avoid the risk of criminal or civil liability to the organization and/or its individual employees.  We have also conducted these investigations for non-profit entities in a variety of circumstances.